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Dogs Available For Adoption
Hi! My name is Simon!

Iím a playful and energetic 4 yr old neutered male Mini Australian Shepherd x and I LOVE my peeps and LOVE spending time with them!!!!!

I have good house manners although Iíd sure love to cuddle up with you on the couch, even if not invited. I am not food aggressive with other dogs, I sit before I get my breakfast and dinner, and am very very polite when I take treats. I do all of my business outside, and am good with the other dogs I live with as well as the dog-savvy cats (that donít run away from me). But if they run, I chase.

I sleep in my own large kennel at night (although Iíd love to crawl into bed with you!)
I am not destructive when left alone, and am also good staying in my kennel when you have to go out.
Iím not a fan of long car rides, but Iíll just cuddle up on your lap, or lay on the floor in the backseat.
Iím very property protective and will run up and down the fence line when someone (with or without a dog) walks passed the house. But I now come back when called. ....usually.
I would LOVE a home with anyone who will give me attention and excercise....maybe start up in dog agility or even just going for jogs or runs....Iíd also be great in a home with another dog.....especially a playful one.

Simon was originally found as an abandoned puppy in a Saskatchewan landfill. The young couple who adopted him were unable to keep him due to personal medical/financial issues, and he was on his way to be surrendered to a shelter when FMNDRS brought him into their care.

Simon has been on overnight visits on 2 occasions, and returned both times (gonna change his name to ďBoomerangĒ) due to fence aggression as well as large dog aggression when out on walks (Simon LOVES going for on-leash walks, he is NOT ready for dog parks)

Simon needs a forever home with a family that is breed-savvy and prepared to continue working on his property protection/large dog issues. He is great with the teens he currently lives with, as well as their friends, although he sometimes jumps up on new friends coming into the yard and ďmouthsĒ their hand if not corrected in time. (Seldom....which is why we donít catch it every time) Simon has been vet-checked and is up to date on all his vaccinations. He is tattooed.

Simonís adoption fee is $425