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Seniors For Seniors Program

On any given day in Los Angeles California, there are typically over 100 chihuahuas and other small breed dogs on the euthanize list at the main animal shelters.

One of our goals is to make as big a dent in that number as we possibly can. We regularly locate senior dogs who have found themselves in shelters due to owners being moved to pet-less facilities, or having passed away and family members are unable to keep them or re-home them.

These pups are typically 10-12 years old and still have lots of love left to give. They have mellowed with age, and are just in need of their last loving home. Like us, due to age, some arrive with some medical issues like arthritis, and just need a warm, quiet, loving environment to live out their senior years.

These pups are available for adoption at reduced adoption rates, and in some cases fees may be waived. For our Seniors for Seniors Program , we offer a 6 week foster-to-adopt process to ensure you have found the right senior dog for your home.

For the Senior to Senior Program only, we are available by phone
250-309-4002 (Susan)

If there is a senior pup you are interested in meeting, please call between 8am and 8pm and we will arrange for a time to visit.

Available Senior Dogs