Forget-Me-Not Dog Rescue Society About Us

About Us

Our rescue began because a member of ours ended up fostering "Peanut", re-named Wobbly-dog due to neurological damage.
It is because of her I am here now.
She totally took my heart and it was broken when she passed away so young.

Email is for any questions or an adoption application form.


The name of the society is:

Forget-Me-Not Dog Rescue Society

The purposes of the society are:

To provide a safe and caring environment for dogs coming into the rescue whether they are strays, lost, surrendered by owners, or pulled from shelters.

To provide veterinary care when needed for any rescue dog including up to date vaccinations, de-worming, spay or neutering, and a health exam.

To provide a home-like environment through volunteer foster homes until a dog is adopted into a forever home.

To provide a dog their basic needs of food, water, shelter, and a safe environment.

To fundraise through a variety of events.
To thoroughly screen all fosters and adopters prior to placing any rescue dog.

To promote, encourage, and teach others about Forget-Me-Not Dog Rescue Society.